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Massage Career Guides - Massage Practice BuilderClick Image To Visit SiteIn most states, you can bill insurance for car accidents or work related injuries. Many health insurance companies are also ‘willingly’ paying for massage. You will need to find out what companies are paying yourself, but once you do, you will need to know what to do to bill and get paid. It is mostly a process of learning what questions to ask. Eventually, you will be able to tell what cases to take and which ones are better not to take. Yes there will be many challenges but that can be helped too when you reach out to your community of massage therapists for support and share your information on how to bill. (PDF, Kindle and Paperback available.)

One of the best things you can do to market yourself as a massage therapist is to have a website that works – one that gets you to the top of the search engines and gets you most of your clients!  When your website does that for you- you can focus on what you do best – Doing Massage!

My latest edition (Nov 2013) of this ebook will tell you what you need to do post Panda/Penguin in order to get your website to work for you!  Everything has changed in the last few years as far as search engine optimization!   For years we watched and figured out what Google Wanted and what worked as far as getting your website found.  Google has changed that in the last few years and has made the focus more about content.  Content is what they are looking for!  They want their searchers to get the results that best match their needs!

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