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Online Poker Dealer School - Dealer TrainingClick Image To Visit Site>> We would like to introduce you to the fun, exciting and some would say non-ordinary job of poker dealing!

My name is Jason Spry, co-founder of the Atlanta Poker Club, a bar poker league, which plays poker for points, prizes and prestige. As luck has it, one of the very first players in the league back in 2004 was a professional casino poker dealer who had previously dealt at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. The Bellagio is well known for having some of the best poker dealers in Vegas. With her help, we created Dealer Training (, the internet’s only online, home-based poker dealing course.

One of the first challenges we faced with the he Atlanta Poker Club was that we needed really good dealers. When we looked up the prices to send dealers to a land based poker dealing school our mouths hit the floor!

We were shocked by how expensive the poker dealing schools are! There was absolutely no way we could afford to attend a live poker dealing school. is the fastest, least expensive and most effective way to learn how to deal poker at a professional level. Why pay the thousands of dollars it takes to go to a land based poker dealing school?

Packed full of videos, professional photo’s and comprehensive chapters covering in detail everything you need to know to deal poker as a professional. We designed the course to quickly you teach you the casino poker dealing standards, techniques and how to’s. Can I Really have $250 Cash in My Pocket after the Game is Over?

A professional poker dealer can average roughly 35 hands per hour depending on the game they are dealing. Limit games go faster while no-limit games… Read more…