Professor’s Punts

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I used to be a Maths professor at the University of Reading. I am not interested in horse racing, nor have I ever been. I am not a gambler and until 18 months ago, I’d never placed a bet in my life! I spent years in university earning my PhD. I was always called a “Maths Genius” and thought teaching would be the best way to use my gift. In reality, it was a sad existence where I was undervalued, underpaid and the profession was constantly facing cuts… I was working 60 hours a week in a job I hated, just to pay the mortgage. It was crushing my soul and turning me into an embittered old man. This was not what I studied 8 years in university for!!!

I Could Not Keep Going On Like This I went to see the doctor and he said I was becoming depressed. He offered me antidepressants, but I didn’t want to… Read more…