Social Media for Business

Social Media for BusinessClick Image To Visit SiteLets face it, social media is huge. Facebook has 1.23 billion active monthly users, Twitter has 190 million unique site visitors each month sending, on average, 58 million tweets per day. Pinterest gets 2.5 billion page views a month.

I know how you feel. When I started my website five years ago I didn’t know much about promoting it.

Pay per click wasn’t an option – I had a tiny marketing budget and unless I knew what I was doing (and I didn’t!) I was going to burn through that in minutes. I tried search engine optimization, but that would take a while for me to learn and implement. I needed a method that didn’t need much technical knowledge, that could be done for free and where I could just talk to people, get to know them and show them I had a website they would love.

All the experts said I needed a Twitter account and a Facebook page, so that’s what I got myself. And it worked…eventually!

I reached people I would never have met face-to-face. Many of them still read my website today and some have even become friends. And yes, plenty have bought my products, too.

And I started five years ago.  Pinterest or Google+ didn’t even exist back  then! These days social media is bigger – more networks, more users, more noise, more information, more distractions.

Plus, finding an expert to write you a plan for you isn’t that easy. Many are seriously expensive and there’s so much hype in social media marketing it’s hard to know if you’ve got yourself a true expert anyway.

Finally, a simple yet powerful social media marketing plan that will save you time and get results… Read more…