The Copywriter’s Crucible – A Melting Pot of Punchy, Persuasive Copywriting by Freelance Copywriter Matt AmbroseHow to Become a Freelance Copywriter with No Experience

The Copywriter's Crucible –  A Melting Pot of Punchy, Persuasive Copywriting by Freelance Copywriter Matt AmbroseHow to Become a Freelance Copywriter with No ExperienceClick Image To Visit SiteFreelance copywriting is surely one of the best ways to make a living. I personally now earn $120 for a single email, $180 per web page and even $1,000 or more for short sales letter (in fact, the real pros get paid that much for just one page). With such high rates of pay and job satisfaction, it’s no wonder 1,000s of people are eager to take the leap from full-time employment into freelance copywriting. But unfortunately, many FAIL in their first year. Why? Because they didn’t know how to become a freelance copywriter by overcoming all the hurdles you face launching a freelance business. This includes:

These are all challenges most, if not all, copywriting courses don’t tell you about. Instead they just give you a basic grasp of copywriting skills then leave you to try and solve them on your own. For this reason, most newbie copywriters STRUGGLE for years in the freelance trenches, with no clue how to climb out and be on the road to success.

When I started my freelance business, I had only a few samples, no existing clients and a very basic understanding of what copywriting was all about. I struggled for YEARS until I was profitable. There were many times I worried about where the next project and paycheck would come from, or whether to give up altogether and resign myself to a soul draining j.o.b again.

I desperately needed someone to explain to me exactly how to become a freelance copywriter when you have no experience.

But thankfully, over time, I was able to devise systems for finding high paying clients, processes for turning COLD emails into HOT leads and to turn one off projects into ongoing sources of revenue. I wouldn’t want anyone to go through the struggles and sleepless nights I went through.

While there are plenty of great copywriting courses out there that can teach you the mechanics of writing copy, few explain how to grow a profitable copywriting business.

These are just some of the many vital lessons you must learn to build a successful freelance business.

It provides you with tons of valuable insights about finding and attracting clients, writing copy that sells and growing your skills so you have the potential to join the top copy dogs earning six figures or more. Better yet, it explains how to avoid all the pitfalls that prevent most from succeeding. This makes it an essential roadmap that will guide you from day one on your path to personal profit and career fulfillment.

This is just a sample of what it covers. Heck, it reveals so many trade secrets on how to become a freelance copywriter that I may just be creating competition for myself. But now the book’s finished I don’t want to see it left gathering virtual dust on my hard drive when it could be helping you gain your freelance copywriting dream.

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